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Today's Quinceanera ceremonies still embrace religious traditions and the virtues of family and social responsibility. The custom is a celebration of the young girl (la Quinceanera), and a recognition of her journey from childhood to maturity. The celebration highlights God, family, friends, music, food, and dance. The celebration traditionally begins with a religious ceremony. A reception is held in the home or a banquet hall. The festivities include food and music, and in most, a choreographed waltz or dance performed by the Quinceanera and her court. The Quinceanera traditionally wears a ball gown, with her court usually dressed in gowns and tuxedos. Guests usually receive small tokens or favors to commemorate the celebration.

Traditional Quinceanera Gifts

Quinceanera Traditions

There are many traditions throughout the celebration. At the church ceremony, an XV pillow specially decorated with the Quinceanera's name, is placed in position for the young girl to kneel on during the ceremony. Smaller decorated pillows are also used for the presentation of the Quinceanera's gifts. At the reception, there is always the toast to the Quinceanera, known as the brindis. With specially decorated champagne glasses for the Quinceanera, the guests are invited to offer their congratulations and best wishes. The Quinceanera Doll, symbolizing the perfection of the event and the Quinceanera, is used as both a decoration and a keepsake. In some customs, the cápias (printed ribbons with the Quinceanera's name and date) are pinned to the doll, and the Quinceanera circulates among her guests, thanking them for their presence and presenting them with a memento taken from the doll.
Know that the Quinceanera (the girl celebrating her fifteenth birthday) has a "court" of up to fourteen other young people, typically equal numbers of males and females. The Quinceanera's court is expected to dress in formal wear.
Get the Quinceanera an appropriate gift, as dictated by tradition. Traditional presents for the occasion include a tiara, a Bible and rosary set, earrings, a crucifix or necklace, a bracelet and a ring.
Know that a church ceremony is part of a Quinceanera celebration in many traditions.
Give the Quinceanera a quince doll. This doll, which is outfitted in a pink dress identical to the Quinceañeras gown, signifies the girl's passage from girlhood to womanhood.
Have the Quinceanera put on a pair of flat shoes for the traditional first dance of the occasion, which sees the debutante dance with her father. The Quinceanera will then change into high heels, signifying her passage into adulthood, and may dance with whomever she chooses.

The sequence of events

The Ceremony:  During the quinceañera religious celebration, the quinceañera is walked down the aisle accompanied by her parents and her godparents. The Quinceañera is presented to the center of the alter for the mass.

The Presentation of the Quinceañera: After the presentation of the court of honor, the quinceañera is finally introduced. A quinceañera may choose to walk in on the arm of her escort. A special song is also played for her entrance.

Crowing of the Quinceañera: The crowning of the quinceañera is traditionally done by the mother of the quinceañera. The headpiece worn by the Quinceañera is to be replaced with a quinceañera tiara or crown. A scepter can also be presented to the quinceañera at the same time.

Presentation of the Last Doll: The godparents or parents are called up to the center of the dance floor to present this very special doll. Most quinceañeras conserve this doll in their room as decoration for a long time. It also serves as a reminder of the wonderful and spectacular quinceañera celebration she had.

Changing of the Shoes: The shoes are changed either by the father or older brother of the Quinceañera.  After the shoes are changed, the Quinceañera is now ready to take the first dance of the evening as a young lady. This special tradition of changing the Quinceañera’s shoes to her zapatillas is another important part of the quinceañera celebration and other way to show that the Quinceañera is no longer a girl but a young woman.

The Quinceañera Waltz: The main highlight of the Quinceañera is the waltz or el vals. Months of practice are spent for this special dance prior to the day of the Quinceañera. In most cultures, the quinceañera first dances with her father during a special quinceañera song. The quinceañera can then dance with her honor escort and finally the quinceañera court of honor can join in.

The Cutting of the Cake: The cutting of the cake is performed and everyone is invited to taste the cake.

The Toast: The father usually leads the toast for the quinceañera. The toast can also be done by the master or mistress of ceremony, bandleader, or even the honor escort.

The Thank You: The parents of the Quinceañera give thanks to the quinceañera for turning out so beautifully and also thank God for bringing her to them. The parents of the quinceanera also give thanks to God for seeing her through every day up to her quinceañera. The quinceañera then gives thanks to her parents for everything they do as well as giving her the party. The quinceañera also gives thanks to the sponsors for their contributions and to the guest for coming.

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